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Our Infrastructure

The greatest infrastructure at the disposal of our clients is our intellectual capital and combined hands-on experience.

Each member of our team dedicates a minimum of ten hours monthly to keep abreast with technological and process advancements in the industry. Our technical library is well stocked and is considered a technical resource by many other companies from the E&E industry.

We are well versed with relevant global standards and codes as laid out by BIS (IS14665), ASME (A17.1 etc.), EC (EN81 / EN115), JIS4301/4302, CIBSE Guide D etc.

In recognition of our competency and experience, the Bureau of Indian Standards has invited us to join the ET25 committee set up to develop standards and codes for elevator and escalator standards. The Maharashtra Lift Inspectorate regularly consults us on technical matters as well as to investigate incidents.

Our wide experience and exposure to all aspects of the vertical transportation technology and business including processes and requirements enables us to pre-empt potential issues as well as maximize value for our clients.

We are equipped with the information technology tools required to provide the committed value addition. The key tool among these would be the advanced software for elevator traffic analysis which enables dynamic traffic simulation rather than calculations based just on formulae.

We are also equipped with performance measurement tools required to measure the performance of your equipment. Some of the tools include the EVA625 PMT, IMD-1 Escalator Step/Skirt Performance Index, SafeTach etc.